dApp Store Kit adopts new tech stack to power Web3 gaming development

Polygon Labs’ incubated DApp Store Kit will incorporate Ready Games’ mobile game development toolkit to facilitate the launch of Web3 games by developers.

What are Web3 Games and How Do They Function?

Web3 games are games that are powered by blockchain technology. They use a distributed ledger to store and protect data and assets, allowing users to interact with the game and make transactions securely. Web3 games also enable developers to create unique gaming experiences that are not possible with traditional games. These games typically feature a token economy, which allows players to trade in-game assets, earn rewards, and even create their own digital assets.

The toolkit of the DApp Store Kit for deploying Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible decentralized application (DApp) stores will be combined with Ready Games, thus enabling developers to incorporate Web3 on-chain support. This will involve the capacity to incorporate wallets and on-chain user profiles, as well as a dApp Store frontend stack to initiate Web3 games.

The announcement brought attention to the fact that mobile Web3 games typically have a cumbersome user experience, which necessitates users to frequently switch between the game and external wallet applications.

Ready Games is involved in the free-to-play gaming industry, boasting studios that have over 2,500 games and 80 million active monthly users ready to display their titles in the dApp Store when it launches.

Blockchain Games Challenging the Mainstream: How They Can Succeed

Many of these publishers are anticipated to transfer their existing games to Web3 employing Ready Games’ development tools and dApp Store Kit, and have them hosted on decentralized Polygon scaling networks.

Ravikant Agrawal, the director of growth at Polygon Labs, declared that gaming is still an important part of the Web3 ecosystem, and DApp stores can help enhance user experience and increase user engagement.

Ready Games CEO David Bennahum noted that the combination of their platform’s Web3 gaming technology and dApp Store Kit could revolutionize the mobile gaming industry.

The dApp Store Kit, a DApp development platform, has integrated a top-tier Web3 game development technology stack to assist Web2 game publishers in transitioning their titles to Web3.

Casual gamers have been identified by those in the industry as a possible catalyst for the growth of blockchain-enabled games. However, the Web3 gaming industry continues to be met with criticism from mainstream commentators due to tokenomics issues and worries about the user experience and playability.

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