DeFi liquidity protocol adds Consensys-developed zkEVM rollup Linea to scale crypto gaming.
DeFi liquidity protocol adds Consensys-developed zkEVM rollup Linea

Scalable Solutions for Decentralized Finance Liquidity

Symbiosis, a decentralized finance liquidity protocol, has added support for Linea, a zkEVM-based Consensys-developed scalable solution for cross-chain swaps. Linea is an Ethereum-compatible roll-up type, which allows developers to reuse existing infrastructure to create multi-asset-based solutions with over 100 protocols, developer tools, and decentralized applications (Dapps).

Symbiosis Finance made its debut in the mainstream with its stablecoin liquidity solution in March 2022. Since then, the cross-chain liquidity provider has integrated various layer-2 scalable solutions, including zkSync developed by Matter Labs, Polygon’s zkEVM, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

The growing popularity of zero-knowledge (ZK) proof based layer-2 scalable solutions has made Symbiosis a leader in the crypto gaming, crypto alerts, and crypto US space. As Web 3.0 approaches, Symbiosis is well-positioned to provide the best crypto alerts and crypto bankruptcy prevention services.

Symbiosis Protocol’s Experience with L2 Solutions and ZK Rollups

Cointelegraph contacted Symbiosis co-founder Nick Avramov to gain insight into the protocol’s experience with Layer 2 (L2) solutions, what made them choose Linea and how the solution stands in comparison to other L2s. Avramov told Cointelegraph that Linea was the perfect fit for the protocol’s strategy to support the most popular L2s, and the decision to integrate it was based on community feedback and requests from partners such as OpenOcean, OKX DEX, and more, that are using Symbiosis SDK/API.

Talking about the growth of ZK rollups as a prominent L2 force, Avramov said: “Zk solutions are a natural evolution of rollups, he said, adding ‘I believe at some point Optimistic rollups will cease to exist.'”

Avramov noted that zk rollups are the true L2 solutions and have the potential to solve the cross-chain/multi-chain dilemma, an issue that was raised by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in January 2022.

Symbiosis has seen a tremendous increase in transaction throughput and cross-chain trading volume, with the integration of zk rollups leading to a 300% month-on-month growth and the figure surpassing $500 million. The liquidity provider is confident that with the integration of Linea, the crypto space can witness an even greater surge in cross-chain swaps, with the volume potentially surpassing the billion dollar mark in the coming months.

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