Crypto Trader Weighs In On Possible Bitcoin Extinction Scenarios with Twitter & Crypto Staking
Crypto trader weighs in on possible Bitcoin extinction scenarios

Crypto Trading Secrets Podcast Discusses Bitcoin’s Future

The eleventh episode of Cointelegraph’s Crypto Trading Secrets podcast was released on July 21, featuring an interview with crypto trader Mohit Sorout. Host Benjamin Pirus asked Sorout his opinion on what could lead to the extinction of Bitcoin (BTC). The trader suggested two potential scenarios.

Sorout said, “If someone were to crack seed phrases by building a supercomputer, or if they were to gain control of the hash power, these could be two factors that could lead to the demise of Bitcoin.” He added that these scenarios are unlikely, but still a cause for concern.

The prevalence of artificial intelligence and web 3.0 applications such as the Apple Health App has raised questions about the disruption of the current technological ecosystem. Sorout’s comments highlight the need to consider the potential risks of new technologies on Bitcoin.

Crypto Trading Secrets Podcast

Sorout was certain that such occurrences are improbable. “The longer Bitcoin exists, the more its prospects of survival grow,” he remarked, alluding to the Lindy effect.

The dialogue with Sorout included a variety of other topics, including the trader’s background.

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