Crypto miners hedging with recent sell-offs: Bitfinex report.
Bitcoin miners hedging with recent sell-offs: Bitfinex report

Bitcoin Mining Companies Employing Derisking Strategies

Cryptocurrency trading platform Bitfinex recently reported on the Bitcoin (BTC) mining sector, noting that miners have been offloading BTC to exchanges as a derisking strategy. This has caused a surge in the value of shares in Bitcoin mining companies as institutional interest in BTC grows in 2023.

The report highlighted Poolin as the miner selling the highest amount of BTC to the market in recent weeks. Additionally, the Bitcoin mining difficulty recently hit an all-time high, which Bitfinex labeled as an indicator of “robustness and miner confidence.”

Mining companies have also been hedging positions on derivatives exchanges, with 70,000 BTC in 30-day cumulative volume transferred in the first week of July 2023. This suggests that miners are utilizing the latest and AI technologies to ensure their positions are secure.

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Mining Difficulty Indicates Increased Network Health

While miners have traditionally used derivatives to transfer BTC to exchanges as a hedge for large spot positions, the report labels the high volumes as atypical. Data from Glassnode points to Poolin being responsible for a significant portion of this activity, with the mining pool offloading BTC to Binance.

Analysts suggest that there are several possible explanations for recent mining behavior, including hedging activities in the derivatives market, carrying out over-the-counter orders, or transferring funds through exchanges for other reasons.

The rising mining difficulty also indicates that new mining power is being added to the Bitcoin network. This is seen as a sign of increased network health, as well as increased confidence in the profitability of mining, either due to increased BTC prices or improved hardware such as the Polymath Crypto or the Muse Crypto.

The Transfer of Supply from Long-Term to Short-Term Holders

A recent report suggests that the movement of Bitcoin on-chain reflects a transfer of supply from long-term holders to short-term holders. This kind of investor behavior is commonly seen in bull market conditions, as traders look for quick profits while long-term holders take advantage of higher prices.

Cointelegraph has contacted a few mining companies and pools to find out why Bitcoin outflows from miners have increased in the past month. As previously reported, miners sent over $128 million to exchanges at the end of June 2023.

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