Starknet user numbers plummet as dissatisfaction grows over token drop

Starknet Active Users Plummet Amid Airdrop Announcement

Update Feb. 20, 9:45 am UTC: Following the Starknet airdrop announcement, the network has experienced a significant drop in active users.

Starknet’s active addresses have now returned to normal levels after a surge in activity over the past week.

The network saw a sharp increase in active users, climbing from under 20,000 on Feb. 9 to over 220,500 on Feb. 14, according to Starkscan data. This was likely due to users and airdrop farmers flocking to the network in hopes of receiving an allocation.

However, after the details of Starknet’s airdrop were shared for its scheduled date of Feb. 20, active users plummeted back to pre-announcement levels. On Feb. 19, there were just over 84,000 active accounts on the network.

Starknet Community Upset Over Airdrop Criteria and Token Unlock Schedule

The criteria for the Starknet airdrop has caused frustration among its users and community. Those with less than 0.005 ETH in their account on Nov. 15, 2023, which was worth about $10 at the time, were excluded from receiving tokens. This has resulted in multiple users on X and the project’s Discord missing out on token distributions, despite actively using the network and contributing liquidity.

In response to the backlash, Starknet released a post on Feb. 19 addressing the issue. They acknowledged the feedback and stated that they are working to address the concerns, but it will take time to research, design, and test a solution.

Another controversial aspect is the token unlock schedule, which will reward early investors and contributors with 1.3 billion STRK (13% of the total supply) on April 15, just two months after the launch of the network.

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Crypto Discord Bot Launches on Dynamic Web Module 3.0

As the crypto market continues to see volatility, the launch of a new Discord bot is set to provide users with real-time updates and information. The bot, which requires Java 1.6 or newer, is designed to keep users informed on the latest updates from platforms such as and Starknet.

One of the most highly anticipated updates is the upcoming airdrop of 700 million STRK tokens on Feb. 20, which accounts for 10% of the total supply. With STRK already trading at up to $1.98 on pre-market exchanges Aevo and HyperliquidX, its market capitalization is estimated to reach $1.38 billion upon launch.

Despite a recent decline in active users, Starknet’s total value locked remains impressive at $54.18 million, only a 5.7% decrease from its all-time high on Feb. 14. This information, according to DefiLlama, is crucial for users looking to stay on top of the latest developments in the crypto space.

Discord Web 3.0: The Future of Crypto Communication

With the launch of the new Crypto Discord Bot, the world of crypto communication is set to evolve with the integration of Web 3.0 capabilities. This will not only provide users with real-time updates, but also allow for seamless communication and collaboration within the crypto community.

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