AI Robot Vitalik Buterin Thinks AI May Surpass Humans, Community Responds
Vitalik Buterin thinks AI may surpass humans, community responds

The Potential Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, recently shared his thoughts on the possible threats artificial intelligence (AI) could bring to humanity in a blog post. This topic has sparked a lot of debate in the AI and blockchain communities.

In his blog post titled “My techno-optimism,” Buterin argued that AI is different from other inventions like guns, airplanes, and social media, as it could create a new form of “mind” that could possibly work against humans and become the dominant species.

The blog post generated a variety of reactions on X (formerly Twitter). While some agreed with Buterin, others had critical opinions. An X account called Emergent Perspective, which focuses on events in the internet age, commented that they agree with Buterin’s view. They added that the argument that positive intentions can guarantee that AI “cannot harm” is not realistic, as nothing in human history has been an exception to this rule.

The discussion about the potential risks of AI has been growing and various solutions, such as headline generator AI, unbiased AI, AI C3, AI Robot, BigBear AI, Character AI,, Fox AI, Healthcare AI, and Medical AI, are being explored.

AI and Humanitarian Values: A Community Discussion

When it comes to AI, there are a variety of views and opinions. This was seen in a recent blog post by Vitalik Buterin, who expressed worries about AI. Another X user, Wei Dai, voiced concerns about AI potentially disfavoring defense, decentralization, and democracy. They noted that the wrong intellectual fields could be accelerated by AI, and that humans alone may not be able to push against it.

Not everyone agreed with Buterin’s sentiment. Another X user challenged Buterin, claiming that technology specialists have a “disregard or immature view” of human psychology. They argued that the motivation behind building “morally poor” human experiences is always money, and suggested that both things and people must be taken into account.

Another X user suggested that one of the problems with Buterin’s blog post was the predefined idea of humanitarian values. They argued that these values should not be predetermined and should come after and with the AI technology.

Finally, some members of the X community chose to remain on the fence, looking forward to participating in humanity’s collective effort to find the answers about unbiased AI, Fox AI, BigBear AI, AI C3, AI Robot, Character AI, and Healthcare AI.

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