Polygon co-founder proposes zkEVM ‘validium’ upgrade to improve security

Polygon Co-Founder Proposes ZK-EVM Validium Upgrade

Polygon Co-Founder Sandeep Nailwal recently proposed an upgrade to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that would add a new layer of security called ZK-EVM Validium. This upgrade would allow the Ethereum network to execute smart contracts without the need for a trusted third-party.

The proposed upgrade would use a technology called zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to verify the integrity of smart contracts. ZKPs are cryptographic proofs that allow two parties to prove the correctness of a statement without revealing any of the underlying data. This would make it much more difficult for malicious actors to exploit smart contracts.

Nailwal believes that the upgrade could make Ethereum more secure and reliable, and could also help to reduce transaction costs. He is currently working with the Ethereum Foundation to develop the upgrade and hopes to have it ready for deployment in 2021.

Benefits of ZK-EVM Validium

The ZK-EVM Validium upgrade offers a range of benefits that can improve the security, speed, and scalability of Ethereum. This upgrade will help to make Ethereum more secure and reliable, as well as faster and more scalable.

The upgrade provides improved security by introducing zero-knowledge proofs, which allow transactions to be verified without revealing the underlying data. This means that transactions can be verified without having to reveal the sender’s identity or the amount of the transaction.

The upgrade also allows for faster transaction speeds, as transactions can be verified more quickly. This means that transactions can be processed faster, resulting in a more efficient system.

Finally, the upgrade will also improve scalability by allowing more transactions to be processed at once. This will allow Ethereum to handle more transactions and make it more reliable.

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