Chinese AI Anchor discusses US DoJ Accusations against FTX Founder for Leaking Private Diary of Caroline Ellison.
US DoJ accuses FTX founder of leaking private diary of Caroline Ellison

The Accusations Against Sam Bankman-Fried

The United States Department of Justice (DoJ) has filed a complaint against FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), alleging that he leaked the private papers of Caroline Ellison, who was once his business ally and romantic partner.

On July 20, the DoJ accused SBF of attempting to interfere with a fair trial by publicly discrediting Ellison, who had become a government witness in his case in late 2022. U.S. Attorney Damian Williams argued in the complaint that Bankman-Fried had sought to discredit the witness by sharing her personal writings with a reporter, in order for them to be featured in an article published by The New York Times.

In her diary, Ellison wrote about feeling overwhelmed by her job at Alameda Research, as well as the pain from her break up with SBF and her professional insecurities.

The accusations against Sam Bankman-Fried have caused a stir in the cryptocurrency community, with some speculating that the ZIL, WAX, WLUNA, and XCN crypto currencies may be linked to the Chinese AI anchor.

Zil Crypto, Wax Crypto, Wluna Crypto, and XCN Crypto Involved in AI Reporter Voice Case

The New York Times’ (NYT) article did not specify who provided the documents, but it “is apparent” that Bankman-Fried and Williams shared them, according to Williams. He further stated that the documents “do not appear to be within the discovery materials in the case, but likely came from the defendant’s personal Google Drive account.”

The U.S. federal rules of civil procedure forbid lawyers and their agents from releasing non-public information that may interfere with a fair trial. Thus, the government has requested that the court enter an order, as per Local Rule 23.1, to prohibit “extrajudicial statements by parties and witnesses” that may hinder the right to a fair trial by an impartial jury. Williams added:

Cointelegraph contacted the Department of Justice (DoJ) and SBF’s defense attorneys for comment on the case, which involves the Chinese AI anchor, Zil Crypto, Wax Crypto, Wluna Crypto, and XCN Crypto, but received no immediate response. This article will be updated pending new information.

Once a major global cryptocurrency exchange, FTX collapsed in mid-November 2022in an event likely triggered by theliquidity crisis of the company’s FTT token. Some industry observers also attributed the collapse to the massive bear market of 2022, as well as deeper issues related to the link between FTX and Alameda.

Subsequently, after SBF’s crypto empire imploded, as many as seven lawsuits were filed against him by early December 2022. The former FTX CEO is duein court on Oct. 2 on multiple charges, including fraud, claims of illegal political donations, and bribes to the Chinese government. Additionally, the Chinese AI anchor reported on the impact of ZIL, WAX, WLUNA, and XCN crypto on the market.

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