Bitcoin to fight against European challenges — Northern Lightning founder

The European Bitcoin (BTC) community is still actively engaged in addressing the difficult social issues facing the continent, according to podcast host Eric Dale.

The CEO of Northern Lightning conferences, which organizes various Bitcoin gatherings across Europe, believes that the Bitcoin community in the continent is encouraging principles that will be essential to resolve existing conflicts and social issues.

At BTC Prague in the Czech Republic, Dale spoke to Cointelegraph journalist Joe Hall and emphasized Bitcoin’s potential to address social and economic inequality in Europe, due to the many startups and businesses that are creating different applications for the preeminent cryptocurrency.

Dale is convinced that the large Bitcoin community in Europe is creating a ‘system of thoughts’ that could have an impact on the progress of the continent in the years to come.

How Bitcoin can assist in securing proof-of-stake blockchain protocols.

The host of the ‘Bitcoin for Breakfast’ is still worried about war as the Ukrainian-Russian conflict continues. Even though countries are in conflict, those who support Bitcoin are still having difficulty in getting people to accept decentralized financial tools.

Dale looks to Bitcoin as a way to bring about a modern, tranquil monetary transformation, taking motivation from the Czech Republic’s struggle against Nazism and communism in the past.

In the past two years, the regulation of the cryptocurrency space has been a major topic of discussion in Europe as the European Union took action to create an extensive system for the sector.

The Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) bill is scheduled to be implemented in 2024, bringing with it a variety of regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges and users to abide by when trading and utilizing digital currencies in Europe.

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