Bitcoin breaks $30,000 and is the center of attention again!

This week on Market Talks, Cointelegraph is proud to have Mati Greenspan, the founder and CEO of Quantum Economics, as a guest. Mati is a seasoned financial analyst and certified consultant who loves interacting with the over 50,000 people he follows on Twitter about the most recent advancements in the crypto space. His enthusiasm lies in researching financial markets and providing his knowledge to assist others in making wise investments.

What is Driving Bitcoin Adoption?

In today’s conversation, we discover what Greenspan has been doing since his last appearance on our channel, which was over five years ago. We also gain insight into his firm, Quantum Economics, their activities, personnel, and outlook.

Without hesitation, Greenspan asserts that we are in the midst of the next “Bitcoin summer” and that prices will only continue to rise. To demonstrate his argument, he reviews some Bitcoin (BTC) charts, particularly the Bitcoin dominance chart, and explains his logic.

What is Driving the Stock Market’s Bullish State?

As markets are in flux, both in the crypto and stock realms, we inquired of Greenspan what is at the forefront of his mind and why. He elucidated the correlation between the stock market and Bitcoin that has piqued his interest and what he believes it could signify for the asset’s future value.

We inquire of Greenspan what he believes is the driving force behind Bitcoin’s recent surge to $30,000. Could it have anything to do with BlackRock and Fidelity investing more money into the cryptocurrency?

Next, we will explore what is driving Bitcoin adoption, particularly in emerging economies. What advantages does Bitcoin provide that the traditional financial system either cannot or does not offer?

Greenspan explains why the stock market is currently in a bullish state, despite the high interest rates and inflation that are present in the macroeconomic environment. He also reveals why he only maintains a balance of less than $1,000 in his bank account, and why he is so devoted to Bitcoin.

Much has been discussed regarding Ordinals on the Bitcoin network, with some individuals being in favor of it as it augments the purpose of Bitcoin and the network, while others have been against it due to it detracting from Bitcoin’s original purpose. Greenspan elucidates his stance on the matter as he leads us through some graphs and diagrams to elucidate his perspective.

Be sure to tune in until the end, as we cover a wide variety of topics on our show Market Talks, which airs every Thursday. We feature interviews with some of the most influential and inspiring people from the crypto and blockchain industry. To stay up-to-date with our future videos and updates, head over to Cointelegraph Markets & Research’s YouTube page and hit the “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons.

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