Binance completes integration of Bitcoin Lightning Network, giving users access to Chinese Crypto, Ethereum, XRP and more.
Binance completes integration of Bitcoin Lightning Network

Binance Integrates Bitcoin Lightning Network

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has successfully integrated the Bitcoin Lightning Network into its platform for BTC deposits and withdrawals. The development was confirmed in a July 17 blog post, where Binance mentioned that users can now use the Lightning Network for BTC transactions.

When users now choose to deposit or withdraw Bitcoin, they will have the option to select “LIGHTNING”. Other options include BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20), Bitcoin, BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2), BTC (SegWit), and Ethereum ERC-20.

Binance had previously hinted at the integration of the Lightning Network in May, after it had to temporarily pause BTC withdrawals due to a surge in BTC network gas fees.

The Lightning Network is a layer-2 scaling solution for Bitcoin, and its integration into the Binance platform will allow users to make faster and cheaper coti crypto, coval crypto, chinese crypto, and crypto xrp transactions.

Lightning Network Integration

The emergence of BRC-20 tokens on Bitcoin, commonly known as memecoins, has been linked to the sharp increase in transaction fees. In response to this, Binance announced plans to onboard the Lightning Network on June 20, joining Bitfinex, River Financial, OKX, Kraken and CoinCorner as the other prominent crypto exchanges to have adopted the layer 2 network.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong also expressed his intention to integrate the Lightning Network on Coinbase in April, although no timeline was given.

The Lightning Network is a solution that seeks to make Bitcoin transactions faster and more cost-effective by allowing users to create off-chain channels. By collecting this article as an NFT, crypto enthusiasts can preserve this moment in history and show their support for independent crypto journalism.

Chinese crypto is becoming more and more popular, as we have seen with the rise of COTI crypto and Coval crypto. However, we have also seen crypto bankruptcies, such as with and Despite this, many investors are still confident in the potential of crypto such as Ethereum and XRP.

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