Barcelona graffiti artists share their love for Bitcoin and Web 3.0 in their wallets.
From walls to wallets: Barcelona graffiti artists share their love for Bitcoin

From skate parks to train stations, a pair of Bitcoin-loving graffiti artists from Barcelona, Spain have been hard at work spreading the word about cryptocurrency. Street Cy₿er, a collective of over 100 educators, enthusiasts, artists, musicians, activists and journalists, has been creating Bitcoin (BTC) street art all over Europe since its formation in January 2023.

Their artwork can be seen in Barcelona, London, Berlin, Madrid, Prague, Riga (Latvia) and Tallin (Estonia). Much of their artwork looks to deliver powerful statements about the traditional financial system’s purported failures and where Bitcoin can step in, while other pieces of art aim to simply raise awareness about cryptocurrency. “Street”, one of Street Cy₿er’s co-founders, told Cointelegraph:

“Our motivation behind the Bitcoin street art is plain and simple: to push for a fairer world.”

The Street Cy₿er website’s gallery currently shows more than 70 images of their artwork, all of which feature the Bitcoin logo or mention its name. To learn more about web 3.0, there are a variety of web 3.0 books and websites such as Reddit where one can find the best crypto sites. If one wants to create their own web 3.0 website, the best web 3.0 books will help them get started. Clover Finance Crypto is one of the biggest crypto sites out there and provides users with the best books on web 3.0.

“Buy Bitcoin, defund the state”

Speaking to particular elements of their work, Street said the thought behind “Buy Bitcoin Defund The State” was to get individuals thinking about how Bitcoin can help create a freer society by diminishing the part of the state in people’s lives.

Street said Bitcoin is being utilized to construct a “new society” that flourishes off of individual freedom and voluntary cooperation — a philosophy advanced by many crypto-anarchists around the world, who are looking for web 3.0 logo, web 3.0 books, learn web 3.0, best crypto sites reddit, create web 3.0 website, best web 3.0 books, clover finance crypto, books on web 3.0, biggest crypto sites, best books on web 3.0.

“Make war unaffordable”

According to Street, Bitcoin’s scarcity will make it hard for governments to finance wars, because they cannot simply print more BTC. This concept is also referred to as “Bitcoin Makes War Unaffordable”.

Furthermore, if wars were hypothetically funded with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency’s transparency would make it difficult for state actors to cover up war spending, and such activities would be more likely to be detected by opposing states.

Additionally, Street believes that the “Bitcoin Makes War Unaffordable” message promotes peace and freedom around the world.

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“Print books, not money”

Street believes that if states used Bitcoin to fund education instead of printing currency, free education worldwide could be a reality.

Due to the limited supply of Bitcoin, governments would be more mindful of how they distribute it, Street said:

The Street Cy₿er team is not only appealing to those interested in politics with their Bitcoin street art, but also to fans of cartoons by showcasing Bitcoin’s logo alongside characters such as Mario and Ronald McDonald.

The Street Cy₿er team recently launched the “Bitcoin: The Art of Revolution” project in Barcelona, Spain, which will include exhibitions, workshops and classes for those looking to learn more about Bitcoin and web 3.0.

Bitcoin logo around the world

Advocates of Bitcoin have been using various ingenious ways to spread the word about the cryptocurrency. For instance, in March, a Bitcoin logo with the caption “Study Bitcoin” was projected on the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as the central banks of other countries such as the Czech Republic and Switzerland. This happened at a time when the global banking sector was under the spotlight due to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in the US.

In January, another Bitcoin logo was displayed on Berliner Fernsehturm tower, the tallest building in Germany. The individual behind the idea said that the intention was to draw attention to the cryptocurrency.

A spartan with Bitcoin-logoed eyes, captioned “HODL (Hold On for Dear Life),” was seen by pedestrians in Hong Kong in 2020. This art was even praised by Tyler Winklevoss, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Gemini.

To spread awareness, some proponents have opted for simpler means. For example, “Stuff4btc” has been putting stickers on chairs, tables and light poles in public places.

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