The world’s biggest Bitcoin conferences: Decentralize with Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Conferences Advance the Cause of Bitcoin Adoption

As the bear market persists, the devoted, enthusiasts, and Bitcoin advocates continue to create. In this week’s episode of Decentralize with Cointelegraph, reporter Joe Hall interviewed CEOs, influential figures, and cryptographers at two of the biggest Bitcoin (BTC) conventions: Bitcoin 2023 in Miami, Florida, and BTC Prague in the Czech Republic.

Despite BTC’s price staying below $30,000 in 2023, the Bitcoin 2023 conference welcomed 15,000 Bitcoin fans to its venue just off Miami Beach. In June, BTC Prague made history with over 7,000 people visiting the Czech city to gain knowledge and interact with Bitcoin.

Despite occurring in different places on different continents with a gap of two weeks, the topics and points of conversation were similar. Bitcoiners shared their insights on the potential of Bitcoin ordinals and some were concerned about the increasing “toxic” Bitcoin maximalism, yet both conferences aimed to advance the cause of Bitcoin acceptance.

While Bitcoin and cryptocurrency may still be considered a specialized interest for the general public, the involvement of United States presidential candidates, major corporations like eToro, and even Stanford professors at Bitcoin 2023 could be a sign of the “mainstreaming” of Bitcoin and crypto.

Adoption of Bitcoin in Mexico has been encouraged by a Lightning partnership with a major retailer.

Christian Anders, the CEO of BTC.X, remarked, “It’s such a pleasure to go to a Bitcoin conference as it’s not just a conference, it’s like a big festive meal.”

Notable Figures and Companies Embrace Bitcoin in 2023

Ultimately, the conversations focused on how Bitcoin, as arguably better money, could be used to change the world, but most Bitcoin proponents were simply delighted to be in the company of other like-minded business people. Obi Nwosu, CEO of Fedimint, stated to Cointelegraph:

The Bitcoin economy in 2023 is an expansive and inclusive one, with CEOs of companies utilizing Bitcoin and their own tokens, such as Muneeb Ali of Trust Machines and co-creator of Stacks, and Daniel Fogg of IOV Labs and Rootstock, being part of it.

Peter McCormack’s Real Bedford Football Club has brought Bitcoin into the spotlight.

Tune in to this week’s installment of Decentralize with Cointelegraph for an in-depth look into the most brilliant minds in Bitcoin.

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