Ankr–Microsoft partnership continues with blockchain creator tool debut

On June 8, Ankr, a provider of decentralized blockchain infrastructure, declared the launch of its AppChains enterprise blockchain creator tool on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. This solution will enable businesses to rapidly set up a specifically tailored blockchain to power multiple Web3 strategies. Developers can deploy the Polygon Supernet as its initial version, with further options available later.

According to Ankr, AppChains has been utilized for a period of one year in order to initiate application-specific blockchains to power decentralized applications. Nevertheless, the developers at Ankr have observed a high demand from institutional customers to use AppChains in areas such as banking, central bank digital currencies, and gaming. The company stated:

Peter Stewart, the head of infrastructure at Ankr, declared that the company would continue to upgrade the tool as per user feedback and performance metrics, with the guidance of Microsoft. Daniel An, the director of Web3 and AI business development at Microsoft, remarked that collaborating with Ankr is a crucial step in “smoothly testing, deploying, and scaling Web3 projects.”

Cointelegraph reported earlier on February 21st that Ankr and Microsoft had joined forces to provide enterprise node hosting services on Azure Marketplace. This service facilitates the transmission of transactions, deployment of smart contracts, and access to read and write blockchain data, thus freeing up time for developers to focus on scaling their applications. Presently, Ankr’s Web3 developer hub and software development kits are used to link to more than 30 blockchains. Furthermore, Ankr is the endorsed infrastructure partner for constructing on the BNB Chain, Polygon and Avalanche systems.

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