AI has a ‘symbiotic relationship’ with blockchain: CEO, Animoca Brands

AI, Blockchain, and Gaming: A Conversation with Animoca Brands’ CEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a much discussed subject in public discourse, both within and outside of the rapidly growing tech sector, following the rise in popularity of OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT.

At the Talk 2023 Proof blockchain and Web3 conference in Paris, Cointelegraph had a conversation with Robbie Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands, to discuss the link between AI, blockchain, and gaming.

Yung informed Cointelegraph that Animoca has had a strong connection with AI for an extended period, both by creating AI companies and using it in game creation. He commented that for art teams, generative AI drastically alters the process of productivity and development.

On May 29, Nvidia revealed a new set of AI tools known as Nvidia ACE for Games. These tools employ AI to grant non-player characters (NPCs) in games more personality traits. AI has been particularly widespread in the gaming industry, and this new suite of tools further highlights its presence.

The CEO of Animoca Brands stated that AI integrations enable gamers to become more engaged with the game world, as it takes on a “life of its own.” When the game is based on blockchain technology, AI integration becomes even more relevant.

Yung stated that it is likely that NPCs in a blockchain game will have to use cryptocurrency for transactions. He is of the opinion that:

He stated that if AI-enhanced games are able to generate active and blockchain-based NPCs that are executing transactions, it will be like having numerous employees that never rest.

Yung declared that the current restrictions of AI are analogous to those in the blockchain arena – cost and energy. “As with all technology,” he remarked, “it will diminish rapidly.”

Twitter has deactivated an AI bot associated with memecoin following Elon Musk’s accusation that it was a fraudulent cryptocurrency.

Regulations on the Gaming and Metaverse Industries: An Interview with Animoca Brands’ CEO

Regulators around the world have been paying close attention to both the AI and Web3 industries as they become more accessible to the general public.

When queried about the effects of regulations on the gaming and metaverse businesses that employ new technologies such as AI, blockchain and digital currencies, he declared that they accept regulations for the purpose of clarity.

He stated that when investors have a better grasp of the regulations, they are more inclined to invest as opposed to doing so in a sector with a lot of doubt.

He remarked, “It’s a chain reaction – we become hesitant to invest, and our shareholders become hesitant to invest in us and so on. This isn’t beneficial for markets.”

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