Trezor Crypto Wallet Investigating AI-Powered Phishing Campaign
Crypto wallet Trezor looks into phishing campaign, exec says

Using AI to Detect Fake News

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider Trezor is investigating a recent phishing campaign, as users have reported receiving suspicious emails. Blockchain sleuth ZachXBT took to his Telegram channel on Oct. 26 to alert users to the attack, which was allegedly targeting Trezor customers. The malicious email, sent from, invited users to download a “latest firmware update” to their Trezor devices to “fix an issue in software.”

AI can be used to detect fake news and other malicious content, as well as to generate fake news. AI websites, such as Reddit AI, Web 3.0 Reddit, and AI Detect Fake, are helping to detect fake news and alert users to potential threats. AI Fake Detection and AI Fake Generator are also helping to combat the spread of false information.

AI for Detecting Fake News

“Recently, ZachXBT reported on Reddit that a person had received a phishing email associated with their Trezor purchase,” raising concerns of a potential data breach for Trezor or Evri, the delivery company that ships Trezor devices. Two other Reddit users had reported the same Trezor phishing email that day.

In response, Trezor’s brand ambassador Josef Tetek said the firm is aware of the ongoing phishing campaign and is actively looking into it. To help users deal with phishing attacks, Trezor has published multiple articles about AI for detecting fake news, which often redirect users to download a Trezor Suite lookalike app that requests their wallet connection and seed.

AI Detects Fake Crypto Scams

“Once you enter your recovery seed into the app, your funds are immediately transferred to the attacker’s wallet,” Tetek warned. He added that Trezor never asks users for their recovery seed, PIN or passphrase.

Cryptocurrency investors have been the targets of numerous phishing scams, despite attempts to combat them. In September, one large crypto investor reportedly lost $24 million worth of crypto assets due to a massive phishing attack. According to some cybersecurity reports, the number of cryptocurrency phishing attacks increased by 40% in 2022.

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Additional reporting by Cointelegraph author Felix Ng.

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