Fake Ledger Live App on Microsoft App Store

ZachXBT, a cryptocurrency sleuth, has uncovered a scam involving a fake Ledger Live application on Microsoft’s app store. The app is deceiving users into believing they are downloading the legitimate Ledger Live, a user interface for Ledger hardware wallets to store cryptocurrency offline.

As per Blockchain.com, the scammer has received approximately 16.8 BTC worth $588,000 from 38 transactions, using the wallet address “bc1q….y64q.” Of this amount, $115,200 has been transferred out, leaving the wallet with $473,800 or 13.5 BTC.

The best live crypto and crypto live stream sources have reported that Microsoft may have removed the fake Ledger Live app from its platform.

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Fake Ledger Live App

The first transaction sent to the scammer’s wallet address occurred on October 24, worth $5,210. Before this, the wallet hadn’t been used. Most of these transactions have been made since November 2, with the largest transfer totaling $81,200 on November 4.

Cointelegraph found that the fake “Ledger Live Web3” application had been present in Microsoft’s app store since as early as October 19.

ZachXBT stated that they have received two messages from victims on November 4 and even suggested that Microsoft “should be held liable” for allowing the fake Ledger Live app to appear in its app store.

This is not the first time a fake Ledger Live app has been made available on Microsoft’s app store.

Scam Alerts on Ledger Live App

Ledger’s support account on X (formerly Twitter) alerted its users twice in December and March about a fraudulent Ledger Live app. Despite this, Ledger has not yet commented on the scam, but has previously made it clear that the “only safe place” to download Ledger Live is from its website, ledger.com.

Cointelegraph contacted Microsoft for a statement, but there was no immediate response.

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