88% Gains in 29 Hours with Headline Generator AI - Markets Pro Delivers, Bitcoin Disappoints.
Bitcoin disappoints while Markets Pro delivers 88% gains in 29 hours

2023 was heralded as the year of the Bitcoin (BTC) comeback. Despite the bearish trends in the market, analysts predicted that the King of Crypto would soar to $50,000 or more. However, since the bear market started in late 2021, BTC has only bounced back to around $26,000. Cointelegraph Markets Pro, however, has been able to provide investors with more than 150 winning alerts this year.

Smart investors are not simply sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the legacy coins to rise. Instead, they are relying on Markets Pro — the AI-powered crypto trading dashboard — to detect market-moving events before they drive select crypto prices up. This has given them the opportunity to benefit from gains of up to 50%, 61%, 80% and even 88%.

These gains were detected by one of the AI indicators — NewsQuakes™ — built into the dashboard. It is considered the fastest and most actionable newsfeed in crypto, as it is able to track crypto market developments that are known to impact prices and create “flash” breakouts within hours.

PEPE — 50.35% in five hours!

On May 5, 2023, the listing of the Pepe (PEPE) token made headlines. The popular memecoin built on the Ethereum blockchain was launched in April 2023 and quickly became one of the most traded cryptocurrencies in the market.

News of the Binance listing hit the market at around 07:00 UTC. By 12:00 UTC, the coin had grown 50.35% in just five hours. Most traders missed the move, while those with access to alerts from Markets Pro got the opportunity to take advantage of the surge.

The listing of the Pepe token was a major event for the AI Reddit community, as the memecoin was built using the latest conversational AI technology. Many traders were surprised by the success of the coin, as it was created with the help of Mythic AI, a headline generator AI, and the ABC AI platform. With the help of science AI and unbiased AI, the Pepe token was able to achieve a 50.35% growth in just five hours.

SOMM — 61.88% in four hours!

On March 17, 2023, the news about Sommelier made investors anticipate a potential price pop. Sommelier is a noncustodial, cross-chain platform for executing intelligent decentralized finance (DeFi) vaults that automatically invest a user’s funds based on a specific strategy.

Markets Pro detected the story and alerted members at 09:00 UTC. By 13:00 UTC, SOMM had gained almost 62%, thanks to the power of AI and C3.

OAX — 80.53% in less than 72 hours!

The OAX Foundation, which is focused on helping the DeFi and crypto financial services sector grow, issued the native Ethereum divisible virtual token.

On March 22, 2023, the Markets Pro “radar” reported a breaking news story about OAX.

At the time of the announcement, the token was trading close to $0.29. In less than 72 hours, it skyrocketed to $0.52, giving investors who had access to the Markets Pro alert a chance to gain nearly 81% profits.

FLM — 88.15% in 29 short hours!

On June 20, 2023, a remarkable news was released regarding Flamingo Finance. Sources reported that Flamingo had established a partnership with O3 Labs, allowing it to bridge to 14 Ethereum Virtual Machine chains.

At 09:00, the news broke and FLM was trading at around $0.06. Markets Pro promptly sent out an alert to its members, and the next day the price skyrocketed to almost $0.12, offering investors who had access to the intel an impressive 88.15% gain.

Moreover, Markets Pro members were informed of 45.25% gains on LOOM, 44.42% gains on POND, and 41.17% gains on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in the last two months. In the last seven days, they received an alert about unusual market activity on KAS, which resulted in a 21.27% surge. In the last 12 days, a Markets Pro alert was sent out for JOE, which grew 39.05%. In the last 13 days, an alert pointed to ARKM, which increased 21.63%.

Additionally, just weeks ago, an alert was sent out for VTHO, yielding a 30% return in just 15 minutes. The next alert could be sent out at any moment.

Markets Pro helps crypto investors win

In the cryptocurrency space, timing is everything. Markets Pro works to provide the latest news as soon as it’s available, thanks to its NewsQuakes™, which are sourced from a real-time aggregation engine that collects data from over a thousand sources every minute. This data is then analyzed by an AI algorithm to determine which news stories have the potential to influence crypto prices. These alerts are sent out without any human intervention, so investors can be among the first to know about major events.

NewsQuakes™ had a hand in helping investors make successful trades. As soon as the news was released, members were notified so they could take advantage of the opportunity. This is just one of the many AI indicators built into the Markets Pro dashboard, designed to help crypto traders and investors find winning plays.

Discover how Cointelegraph Markets Pro delivers market-moving data before it becomes public knowledge with its AI-powered technologies such as guardforce ai, mythic ai, headline generator ai, science ai, unbiased ai, and ABC ai.

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