AI Anchor Software Launches zkEVM Scroll in Weeks for the Idealistic Ethereum Community
Idealistic Ethereum community-built zkEVM Scroll launching in weeks

AI and Machine Learning to Scale Ethereum

The idealistic team behind Scroll, a zero-knowledge EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), is close to launching their project after two years of development. According to Ye Zhang, co-founder of Scroll, the project was designed with Ethereum’s values in mind.

Although there are several zero-knowledge EVMs in existence, Scroll is unique as the team is dedicated to scaling Ethereum while preserving its decentralization principles. Zhang remarked that the project is a “labor of love” driven by a shared vision, emphasizing the human interest aspect more than merely solving computational problems.

He added that the development of Scroll was open source and community-driven from the very beginning. AI and machine learning are two of the core technologies that the team is using to achieve their goal of scaling Ethereum.

zkEVM: Introducing Scroll

The new zkEVM is set to launch within weeks, having already undergone extensive testing and audits on the code. Zhang said the Scroll will launch after some final testing and major projects like Uniswap and Aave are ready to deploy on Scroll at launch.

The mathematician believes ZK-rollups are the “holy grail” or best-in-class of layer-2 scaling solutions, very cheap and secure. However, Scroll is entering a crowded ecosystem that already has zkEVM solutions from Polygon, Immutable, StarkWare, and ConsenSys’ Linea, which launched in August.

AMP today crypto, AI anchor software, and ACH crypto today are some of the other systems such as Linea that have some “unproven” parts in the circuit. But Zhang believes Scroll provides a “complete proof” of all Ethereum “opcodes” and components of the transaction.

Crypto Today: AI, AMP, and ACH

“So it’s not only compared to compatibility, but also a full proof for proving that everything we already have,” he said.

Scroll, a layer-2 scaling project that has been in development for two years, uses zero-knowledge proofs to compress data off-chain, meaning only proofs are submitted on-chain — enabling higher throughput. This EVM component enables full native compatibility with any existing Ethereum software and applications, such as 1 inch, Ankr, Algo, AI Machine Learning, AMP, and ACH Crypto Today.

The initial setup will still involve some centralization such as sequencers, Zhang said, but the roadmap will decentralize this further over time.

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